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A great analogy occurred to me the other night that Yoga Nidra can be likened to the subtle tuning of a string on a guitar. I’ve played the guitar since I was 16 (not as much as I used to) but I remember when I was learning I’d have to use an electric tuner to get each string in perfect pitch. That was until over time I began to hear exactly what D sounded like or E etc. Eventually I was able to tune my guitar just by listening. As I’d tighten or loosen the strings it would be a matter of a millimeter turn of the key as to whether or not the string would be in tune. Also once a guitar is in tune it doesn’t stay in tune forever, eventually the strings stretch and loosen from time and use and the tune goes out. Similarily, you don’t meditate once and experience the benefits for a lifetime, it requires practice. The more you practice the more aware/stronger (mentally) you get.

When one first approaches Yoga Nidra or any meditation for that matter achieving the meditative state can be a very abstract idea. At first it can be difficult to identify because for many of us it is the first time since we were very small that we have experienced that state, the here are now. If you can give yourself the time to practice and learn what that delicate state feels like eventually you will be able to find it easily and relatively effortlessly. Imagine having the ability to stop your train of thought when you wanted to and return to stillness. Think of how much easier it would be to cope with daily life stressors. Or how much more happy we could be by not getting caught in negative thought patterns or dramatic situations. If we harness the ability to watch our thoughts and reactions as opposed to becoming our thoughts and reactions we can achieve true freedom, true power.