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In the Workshops/Retreats section of my site you will see a 2 day training called Yoga Nidra and the Art of Energetic Mastery. This work is born out of the last 10 years of personal study and consciousness exploration that I have embarked upon. We examine the nature of our being, our place in the universe, the illusions we are numb to and we uncover the incredible power we possess as conscious creators of our reality. This training is for Yoga teachers, Yoga students and spiritual seekers.  If you’d like more info please call or email me, I’d love to hear from you!

Read what others have written about this training.

“I attended Liv Sikomas weekend long yoga nidra workshop and was blown away by the experience. Liv has made yoga nidra a life long practice for me. Combined with her straight forward philosophy teaching, this workshop was the best course I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. I left with my mind at peace and my heart full. Thank you Liv”

– Colleen

“You feel like you are in very capable hands with Liv Sikomas. She has a very casual way about her but in those impromptu moments she is able to impart some really big information in such a way that does not possess dogma, rigidity or unnecessary complexity. The Yoga Nidra and sankalpa practice were very enlightening and all the other bodies of knowledge Liv has her hand in rounded out such a wonderful journey. This was unlike anything that I had done before and doesn’t belong under the blanket title of Yoga, which sadly at times seems to mean a much more physical watered down message. Through listening and various exercises we were able to dig into what makes us tick, what makes the universe ticks and how we fit into it all, simply. It was guided intuitively and focused on developing our knowledge of how to understand nidra and also navigate our energy body and beyond. It felt very complete. Thanks Liv for a very honest and personally transforming weekend.