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I LOVE reading non-fiction. Anything that can inspire me or make me see something in a new way…I’m all over it!

I’ve just finished a book called “The Subtle Body : An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy” by Cyndi Dale. It’s a textbook style book and if you have the patience to spend some time with this one it’s so worth it. It’s a perfect book if you want to learn some of the science, a lot of theory and different schools of thought surrounding energetic anatomy. It also attempts to draw a link between west and east medicine which I loved!

My expectation for this book was to pick it up and read chunks of it here and there, however, I started on page 1 and couldn’t put it down. It BLEW MY MIND! It has changed the way I view life and death and even how I view people. A serious paradigm shift occurred for me with this one.

Page 133…about our DNA and it’s link to our soul…I’ve been talking about this to EVERYONE!